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Grandpa's 100th Birthday
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This August, my grandfather Abe Curzer turned 100.  That's right, he was born in 1914.  We threw him a party, where he had a wonderful time and gracefully entertained all his friends.  What an amazing person! 

He received a letter from the White House congratulating him on his birthday:

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This winter, I spent the first days of the new year in Mexico. I had the wonderful opportunity to visit some of the spectacular Mayan ruins, including Chichen Itza and Coba. Now that I've been there, I see why Chichen Itza is considered one of the seven wonders of the world! I also paid a brief visit to the beautiful city of Valladolid, with its picturesque streets and gorgeous cathedral. And of course, I did the obligatory pilgrimage to the beach!

First, Chichen Itza: 

A brief visit to Valladolid: 

On to Coba. This WAS the parking lot, before a particularly wet winter: 

Everyone goes to Coba to climb the pyramid. It was a steep climb, but totally worth it for the views at the top!

Meanwhile, back at the beach... 

Summer Hiking
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Right now it feels like summer is a million years away, and we may never be warm again. So to remind everyone that the cold won't last forever, here are a few pictures from last summer's hiking trip at a gorgeous park in upstate New York. 

Compo Beach Cookout, Year 4
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This is the fourth year in a row that my wonderful friend Sandy has hosted a summer cookout at Compo Beach. He grew up in Westport, and his parents always graciously allow us to use their kitchen to prep for our barbecues. This year we did a seafood cookout, complete with shrimp, soft shell crab, and snapper. I baked a blueberry pie and Sandy's dad, Stanley, baked a peach pie. Then we finished with s'mores. Great day! 

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Cookout on Compo Beach
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Last weekend, I went to a gathering hosted by one of my close friends at the beach near his house in Westport, CT. We got out of the city on a very hot day and had a great time swimming, sunning, and grilling on the beach. What a perfect way to spend a summer weekend!

The delicious food: Sandy, our incredible host:
And finally, some meta-photos:

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